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At Wise Things, fundamental research is constructed by tapping into our exclusive data reservoirs, which include social media analytics, image recognition, search data, consumer sentiment analysis, social listening, our curated next-gen community, and a substantial human-tagged image library. We leverage discovery, play and experimentation.
We utilize Online Surveys, Face-to-Face Interviews, Consumer Panels, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, and Ethnographic Studies. Hero is the ambassador program of Wise Things. We call on our network of local field evaluators, whom we like to call "Heroes," in more than 15 markets. They are all ready to deliver the on-the-ground intelligence you need to shape your strategies and monitor those of your competitors.
We meticulously fine-tune our research, tailoring insights to specific industries and product categories. Whether it's Retail, Beauty and Wellness, Food and Drink, Technology, Fashion, Hospitality, Consumer Goods or Financial Services our reporting delves into a wealth of research.
Continuous Evaluation
At Wise Things, the research process is perpetual, involving an ongoing analysis of new indicators of change. A steady influx of research and market intelligence ensures we stay at the forefront of emerging trends, enabling us to deliver daily insights to our customers and contextualize new information as it unfolds.