March 13th, 2024

43 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010


Following turbulent post-COVID years, next-gen consumers are adjusting. We explore what brands should be fluent in for 2024 to align with consumers' evolving needs, which are constantly in flux.

Join us on March 13th, 2024 as we convene amid the aftermath of tumultuous post-COVID years, the focus turns to the shifting landscape for next-gen consumers. In this panel discussion, we will explore the essential areas where brands must adapt in 2024 to remain in sync with the ever-evolving needs of these dynamic consumers. Our esteemed panelists will provide a comprehensive examination of the key success factors driving a new generation of experiences and brands. Through their insights, attendees will gain unparalleled access to emerging trends, shifting mindsets, and evolving behaviors among consumers. Our discussion will be enriched by exclusive insights from a diverse array of industry experts, including marketers, operators, strategists, and entrepreneurs, who are at the forefront of understanding the evolving consumer landscape. This panel will also feature proprietary data collected through the utilization of Plural, Wise Things' proprietary consumer intelligence platform.


About the briefings

To coincide with the event, we will be launching the briefing The Box Office and Consumer Shopping: A Great Marriage, which will be available to download here on the day.

Our latest consumer intelligence research delves into market and mindset shifts, supported by proprietary data collected with the assistance of Plural, Wise Things' proprietary consumer intelligence platform.

The briefing analyzes the key trends and survey data from 158 next-gen consumers, offering a scholarly examination of what the Hollywood box office can teach us about a significant shift in next-gen consumer buying patterns and its implications for brands.


"One of my favorite quotes is from Evelyn in "Everything Everywhere All at Once": “We’re all connected. Everything, everywhere, all at once.” The year 2024 is brimming with possibilities and new insights. It's particularly fascinating to me that Generation Z is projected to outnumber millennials by 2026, becoming the largest generation by population density, as noted by Statistica. This generation is also an enigma for brands. Unraveling the mystery of this generation is top of mind for category-defining companies. New codes of consumers are being created with each passing day."

Onanma Okeke, Managing Director, Wise Things

This event grants you access to:  

- The 45-minute in-person session
- First access to the report: The Box Office and Consumer Shopping: A Great Marriage Briefing
- The on-demand recording to watch at your convenience

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Wise Things, a tech-enabled consumer intelligence company specializing in young adults, teens, to twenty-something consumers, is dedicated to empowering visionary brands through data-driven insights, first-party consumer data and on-site audits.

Our unique methodology combining technology, human intelligence, and community involves curating dynamic and highly crafted solutions that drive real results and paint a full picture fast. Our commitment extends to providing an innovative proprietary software platform, Plural. This platform allows clients to seamlessly monitor ongoing research, submit surveys, and gain real-time insights into the dynamic behaviors of the next generation. At Wise Things, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of next-gen consumer behavior. Through our consultancy expertise and cutting-edge software solutions, we deliver transformative insights that drive success in the changing consumer market.


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